The Various Forms Of Water Based Anal Lube

There are a whole plethora of uses for lubrication.  Contrary to popular perception that lubrication is done only at the time of anal sex and with water based anal lube is not true.  There are a number of uses of lubrication than just sex.  And it would be of particular interest to know that anal sex is not always between men but married couple too find satisfaction in it.

water based anal lube best anal lube Different applications of water based anal lube

Principally lubes are used where ever passage of items need to be smoothened out.  And it is very kinky to think that lubrication is done only at the time of sex.  There are indeed a number of occasions when lubrication is required for safe and comfortable procedures.

Whenever the areas beyond the anus are to be worked upon lubes are required.  The use of water based lubes makes it convenient to clean and wash up the mess after the work.  The main advantage of a water based lube is that it can be applied easily and it removal is still simpler.  Just a wash with a bit of warm water is all that it takes.  Some of the best anal lube are those that can be removed with the minimum of fuss.

The use of condoms and lubrication

Usually with the use of condoms, the need for lubrication does not arise.  This is because the condom surface is coated with a layer of lubrication that is needed to facilitate in its unraveling and later removal after the act is over.  But there are occasions when this bit of lubrication is considered insufficient for the need.  In such cases a layer of water lube is applied to bring about a greater comfort.

When making an anal entrance, it is working against the procedures mandated by nature.  Thus precautions need to be taken otherwise injuries can occur.  It is as a measure of abundant caution that lubrication is applied while using a condom.

Taking care of a delicate area

Unlike to popular perception as propagated by the adult movie industry, the anal area is a very delicate in its constituency.  It is not meant to be probed and shoved.  Thus when someone is bend on applying extra pressure and friction around this parts, it is best advised to take precautions.  Thus there arises the need for extra bit of lubrication.

water based anal lube best anal lube

The different types of lubes

There are different types of lubes available for use.  The choices of water based lube are primarily due to the ease of application and clean up.  Most people find that cleaning up after the act is best done on a water based lube and it just about requires some warm water.  There are other non water based lubes that need more effort to clean up but they are used for a particular reason.

Often specialized needs and applications would necessitate the use of petroleum based lubes and jellies that help out with particular situations.  Whatever the need, there need to be used the right type of lube for best results.