The very nature of insurance claims in that far from being just a specialized service, it is an area that requires total dedication and control as well.  The firm handing the filing of claims must know and follow the steps in as much detail as possible as further questions and queries must not arise of such situations in the future.  With My Contracting Pro the customer can be sure of a professional approach to any job and the interests of the clients are kept foremost in any situation. My Contracting Pro

The importance of storm damage and the approach by My Contracting Pro

Storm damages are one of the most common of claims that a typical insurance firms gets to cover and it is a fact that most up market homes and practically all business premises do cover themselves for damages that could occur in storms as well.  Most storm seasons would see damages to property that could end up being claimed from the insurance firms for damages.

It is very important to follow a systematic approach to assessing and filing for storm damages no matter the extent of damages or the value of property concerned.  The very nature of claim settlements makes it so and this is where experience in the field gets to be of an advantage.

            Inspection: The very first step toward settling storm damages is to make a firsthand inspection.  Here the damages are documented and a preliminary assessment of damages is made.  When assessing damages it is necessary to label the severity of damage as the more severe ones could take a lot more effort and time to rectify than the minor ones.  It is also necessary to classify the damage as superficial or deeper in occurrence as well.

            Assessing the damage: After the inspection is over, the extent of damages are documented and a figure put to rectify the damages.  There are certain guidelines in use that permits certain amount of leeway in bringing a value to the damages and it is not as if the client or the contracting companies could do as they wish.  Often when there is damage over and above the damages to premise a separate claim might be filed or added on as a supplementary claim.

            Claim verification: The roofing contractor or the client could file a claim to the concerned insurance firm for the damages that a storm could have brought about. The insurance firm on their part would assess as to how much of the damage is strong and needs to be redressed and a report is filed to the concerned person in the insurance firm. My Contracting Pro

            Claim settlement: Most insurance firms would seek to balance the interests of a customer to the need for the firm to answer its interests as well.  Thus the settlement in each case of a claim would seek to find this balance and keep the client protected at all times.  It must be pointed out not all claims are settled as presented and in most instances there is bound to be issues that the insurer would have to certain parts of claims filed.