As the number of mobile and smart phones users increase all over the globe, the connections for mobile internet is also growing at the fastest pace. Hence it is imperative for your business website to have mobile and tablet device compatibility. By optimizing the pages and the content for phones, you can extend the reach of your business to the remotest corner within your city, state, nation and the entire globe. The frequency and effectiveness of visibility in organic searches, adwords, social media and blogs increase considerably within the shortest span of time. Once you take steps to improve the accessibility and quality of your content, you can expect to achieve the best search engine ranking and maximum traffic and conversions.

Mobile Compatible Page Design

Real Time Design – Content Management and Page Optimization

  • Page Loading: – The landing page in your business website has to load within 3 to 4 seconds once the user clicks on the URL. This can be achieved only when the weight of the page is the least possible. By avoiding heavy images, videos and scripting you can ensure opening of the landing page within this time.
  • Information Visibility: – The users should be able to see information relevant to their specific search in the landing page. For example if the users search for high end water cooler, they expect to find them in the landing page. Hence the URL provided at the Search Engine Result page (SERP) should be linked to the specific page wherein the specific products are listed. Only then the users will be willing to explore further into the web pages.
  • Simple Navigation: – The navigation between the landing page and other web pages in your website should be simple and easy to access. You can provide text and button options within the smallest area at the top or bottom of the page. Optimize the navigation for single click, touch or keystroke.
  • Zooming Options: – The users should be able to zoom specific parts of the image and text for clear visibility. On page scrolling options make it easier to read the content fluently. Links to videos and presentations should be clearly visible and distinct from the rest of the text.
  • Content Flow: – Keep the content short and relevant. Bulleted points can make the users understand your content better and faster. Product related information has to be in multiple tabs with suitable titles. For example information about pressure washer can be split into technical specifications, operations, design (preferably with a detailed image), key benefits and reviews. Integrate all the relevant keywords and phrases within the text according to Google and W3C standards.

klikko Mobile friendly SEO

  • Product Drawings: – Provide detailed diagram(s) of your products wherever required. You may also link them to specific blogs in which you have covered the technical information comprehensively.
  • Product Videos: – Create and link to captivating product videos with interesting and informative narration. This will enhance the user interest and make them spend more time in your website. The probability of conversion can be enhanced when the user familiarity with your products increases. For more info regarding Mobile Friendly SEO Marketing, check out here