There are certain qualities that define a market leader in any field and the role that plays in popularizing the use of Kartom in everyday life is not to be understated by any means.  With acquiring a dominant position comes some privileges no matter the field and area of operation that the player is based in.

The qualities that set apart Golden Monk Kartom in the field

  • Consistency: There is no denying the role of being consistent plays in establishing oneself in any field. Often people look to have a supplier that is consistent with delivery schedules as well as the quality on offer of the product.  Thus there could not be belittling the role that a consistent player has to play in acquiring market leadership.
  • Cost effectiveness: It is not that always the cheapest goods gets picked up. But the supplier that gets to maintain the best quality for the price on offer is perhaps the one person that gets to dominate the market.  The key word here is quality for the price on offer as this would mean that the cheapest need not always be the most successful.
  • Accessibility: With the role that the internet is playing in establishing new markets and to bring the most elusive of merchandise to the most remote of locations, it comes as no surprise that a player that gets to leverage the technology gets to gain advantage over the rest of the competition most of the time. Thus it is important to understand the technology on offer first and then to utilize it to the best possible manner.
  • Visibility: By referring to visibility it is meant the recall and image that the product brings to the potential customer the first time around. This is something that is arrived at by a constant effort to be relevant and of course, using the most innovative and up to date of methods to promote oneself and the brand as a whole.

Most customers of a product get to purchase the one product that comes to the mind easily and this is where the recall factor comes into play.

  • Range on offer: With the market leaders it is often observed that they do have more than a single product on offer. They do not follow a one size fits all policy and would keep in stock different varieties of the produce.  This is important as most of the competition would have different varieties as well as it is best to present the buyer a

The importance of marketing in selling activity

No doubt, marketing does prove to be the stumbling block in many a quality product.  Often the producers do not get to get to the customer or that the customer is not informed enough to make the best possible choice.

The role of the perfect markets to dissipate information and to allow the customer to be informed always of the best possible product cannot be seen lightly here.