There is no sufficient stress on the role of hormones in the human body either for the men folks of the women.  Thus there needs to be devised convenient methods of providing the men the proper hormone therapy menThere are a number of well used methods and a brief mention is made of the better known among them here.hormone therapy men

Creams and lotions: These methods are use when localized applications of the hormones are what are necessary.  It is convenient to apply a cream or lotion to the outer skin that is usually not in contact with any clothing material as such.  Most common areas of applications are the head and the outer skin of the arms.

The head is particularly useful in applying hormonal creams that prevent hair loss and often stimulate hair growth in people.  As there are a number of hair losses that is caused by the disproportionate occurrence of the hormones a balance can be achieved by using a hormonal treatment that seeks entry into the body through the skin of the head and mostly the top of the head.

The upper arms and forearms are particularly a good area to apply lotions that contain a fair bit of hormones.  It is possible to use a higher concentration of the active element in such applications than the scalp as the skin is much thicker in occurrence.

Tablets as used in hormone therapy men: The most efficient method of delivering a formulation to the body is through the internal ingestion.  But this does not seen that simple with applying hormones to the body.  The acidic nature of the stomach makes a lot of the hormones applied so every ineffective at most times.

To overcome this piquant situation, there are very advanced methods of delivering medicines that make use of a capsule design to get past the stomach and thus the gastric juices in them.  It is possible to get a better rate of success by using a formulation that is much more concentrated than the normal.

The more non-conventional: There are a number of practices that can be best described as exotic in their application.  There are those micronized sprays that get to deliver the hormones as a nasal spray that is effective and powerful too.  Even stranger are the applications that use a subcutaneous application that works just as effectively.  Thus the means of application is never an issue for most available hormonal treatments; it is more of an efficacy of the treatment.hormone therapy men

The more potent the medium of delivery the more diluted is the presence of the active element in the formulation.  At times the cost of delivery is more than the cost of the medicines in use.  The most notable aspect of hormonal treatment is that it is more or less a standardized practice that is done under strict medical supervision.  Any small changes by way of an over dose or a mis-delivery can bring about far reaching and powerful consequences.