Your curiosity about how to get bigger boobs shows their present constitution is less than what you desire and deserve. You might be teenager, young female, adult or middle aged. Frankly speaking age doesn’t matter for the hormone deficiency which causes poor breast growth. The main hormones responsible for the growth are estrogen, progesterone, Prolactin and the GH. Testosterone plays an important role by activating the secretion of nutrients for the other hormones. The volume of testosterone production has to be minimized to enhance the probability of boob growth and expansion.

how to get bigger boobsThe most important ingredients needed by your boobs to grow naturally are the blessed thistle, fennel, watercress, kelp, dandelion, dong quai and fenugreek. All of them are derived from herbal sources and they carry absolutely no chemicals, drugs or any other form of harmful elements.

How to Get Bigger Boobs – Hormone Production

It is natural phenomenon for your boobs to grow during adolescence period. This is when the estrogen and progesterone will be at the peak level of activity. However, the deficiency of these hormones can lead to small size boobs which don’t grow after the female attains her adulthood. This phenomenon can be reversed by inducing the production of the hormones at any age. This is achieved by the consistent consumption of the supplement, breast exercises and massaging.

  • Fenugreek: – Fenugreek has the capacity to enhance the production of estrogen in your body. This ancient herbal was being used by the Chinese and the Mexicans to increase the softness of the breast and milk production among new mothers. It has the unique property of stimulating the glands to produce more estrogen. In the initial stages of supplement consumption it might take time for the reaction to start. Once the glands are stimulated to certain level, they start producing estrogen in large quantities. The hormone gets absorbed by the fatty tissues and the muscles within the base area of the chest. They start growing and expanding. This process in turn stimulates the expansion of the skin layers on the surface area of the boobs. The net result is an increase in the volume of the boobs.
  • Blessed Thistle: – Blessed Thistle is an ingredient which is responsible for the higher production of Prolactin and GH. They play important role by enhancing the expansion ratio of the skin and muscle cells and tissues. They also generate new cells and growth of new tissues in the muscles and the fatty areas. At the same time they fill the inner volume of the boobs with the newly generated healthy cells. This is when the firmness of the boobs starts increasing. When you start massaging them, they get shaped into the perfect form of your to get bigger boobs
  • Kelp: – Kelp is the ingredient which enhances the hydration and healthy fluid retention within the boob cells. They are mainly made of proteins, minerals and nutrients. They provide the required fuel for the mitochondrion to produce energy for growth and expansion. This obviously results in the production of new skin cells and tissues in the boob area, making them grow.