Why Is It Important?

Exhausts cleaning is required to maintain the proper environment, a temperature in the kitchen which will help in cooking better food in the fresh and grease-free environment. Regulation and maintenance of Kitchen exhausts system is one of the crucial defences against fire hazard that can be occurred by Grease and there’s a history surrounding how grease burned down the whole restaurant and took life of 2 firefighters in Boston in 2007 which is why significant countries have acted on it making cleaning and maintenance of kitchen exhaust through government certified cleaning companies.

For cleaning of a kitchen exhaust adequately and neatly, several cleaning companies are appointed, and they not only take care of maintaining kitchen exhausts, vent, and hood but also do time to time maintenance. To be eligible for operating as a professional cleaning company it has to be acknowledged by a government and they are recognized by a certificate known as NFPA 96,issued by the government granting them the permission to work but there’s a condition that if they fail to maintain the proper services, their certification can be discarded, and the legal laws and the penalties will sanction a fine are said to be high. Ventilation fans with high maintenance will last longer and work aggressively whereas the ones with no proper support will result in a shorter lifespan of ventilation motor because of excess grease and dirt accumulating on it.

Fines & Suspension:

Cleaning companies are already aware of it, and so are the high end and small restaurants. If they do not maintain proper care of kitchen system, they might lose their credibility, their license of work and their job. Poor maintenance can lead the people working there to die, and no one wants this as the past incident that happened on August 20th, 2007 has taught various countries the lessons of what would happen if they don’t maintain and take care of kitchen exhausts systems.

The government has taken severe steps to maintain people’s life easier by making precaution beforehand so that a great deal will reduce the chances of the accident occurring. The government sends an inspector to inspect, and if the report comes out negative, the cleaning company’s certification is not only cancelled but also its license to perform cleaning jobs and restaurant found guilty is also fined over 1000$.

Why should it be cleaned?

According to National Fire Association, most restaurant fires occur by the surface of kitchen cooking appliances which spreads into the kitchen exhaust systems. If they are regularly maintained and taken care of this appliance s, and cover won’t be affected, and everything will go smoothly with any fire hazards. Regular maintenance of Kitchen exhausts is necessary so that the grease accumulated can be eliminated before it catches the ignition of the fire. Support of Kitchen exhausts is also known as a primary defense against fire hazards. Most of the time the restaurants are burned down due to the improper and irregular maintenance of exhausts fans and vents. The professional cleaning company not only cleans the exhausts fans from the inside but also from the outside so that they can function adequately, and technicians take apart the fans and clean them individually so that no grease or oil is found on it hence a proper safety is ensured.

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