Wedding is the most special happening in one’s life, filled with lot of colours. The days of wedding are very precious, and every couple would like to frame them. Kelowna wedding arranges wedding photography for every ceremony that takes place like the Mehendi rituals, the haldi, sangeet and finally the wedding evening. They arrange wedding very beautifully, as it has a lot of moments to capture with the family and relatives. Kelowna wedding has many themed weddings, where every moment is framed.kelowna wedding

Why Kelowna wedding?

Kelowna wedding services are catered in such a way that you receive the best wedding experience. The props, the venues, the arrangements, decorations and creativity all are unique. The Kelowna wedding photographers capture the best memorable moments of wedding. Every ritual is given equal importance to. The album that is created by Kelowna wedding photographers will give you serenity and pleasure. Each wedding session is affordably charged, so that no one is left behind to have such a grand wedding.

Different types of Kelowna wedding photography

  1. Colourful wedding for 3 days- The wedding is planned of three days, filled with colours. The wedding photography starts with the auspicious Mehendi ceremony.
  • Mehendi is a very ritualistic ceremony that happens before the wedding, hence it is done lavishly. Along with the bride, all other women are equally decorated intricately. The haldi ceremony starts, where the paste is arranged by Kelowna wedding services from the grooms place.
  • Sangeet ceremony is held in a club, surrounded by waterfalls where an enthusiastic group performs music and dance.  Delighting pictures are taken, while the bride’s family have some memorable experiences. Sangeet is continued with lot of hugs, wild dance and delicious food. Pictures of families are framed which are filled with mixed emotions.

2.Mountain wedding- it is the most adventurous wedding that is designed on a hilltop, where guests are taken by helicopter. The windy mountainous sight is wonderful to capture. Wedding arrangement is done on the hilltop. Kelowna wedding photographers capture candid images of bride and groom keeping the mountains in the background. Every photograph here is worth it. Kelowna wedding services has proper rain protection arrangements. The setup of wedding mandap is done beautifully with fresh flowers. The couple has a delightful wedding album.

  1. Wedding in classic car- wedding in a car? Yes you read it right! The whole wedding is arranged in the car, to get the best and unique photography album. Glamorous cars are used for the wedding setup. The couple dressed in lavish clothing gets the best wedding frame, which they would cherish always. A shinning white car is used for the photography sessions, where the family and the couple pose. Lovely photographs inside the car are taken by Kelowna wedding photographers.kelowna wedding

Kelowna wedding photographers create an album that is filled with the sad and joyful emotions of wedding. It brings out the true essence of wedding. The unique story which you possess will be very beautifully documented by Kelowna wedding services.