You have not made a good deal, and you are upset.

You have to put things in perspective: you will not come back to this place, and you will not drink a second beer, and life goes on.

Vicious circle
It is important to be careful not to get caught up in the savings game at any cost.

By thinking of only saving, you risk spending all your time there. You may forget that the most important thing for getting rich is to make money, more than saving money. I talk about it below.

But especially: this obsession with wanting to spend less, if it can be funny at first, may make you unfriendly and make your friends and family run away in the long run.

One saves to be able to live better, not to become a Scrooge progressively.

Saving is not necessarily the best way to get rich
At the height of my phase of the big rapist, by dint of wanting all the time reader, I renna is on my quality of life, and I was not happy.

Even worse, I did not get much richer. I was always in trouble, often chosen, and I spent my life counting pennies. I managed to put a few hundred euros aside, but I never went to the restaurant.

When I learned about how can i save money, I finally realized this:

It is not by constantly seeking to save that one quickly reaches a financial serenity. We may even lock ourselves into the obsession with the economy.

All that energy I lost in scratching the pennies, I ended up using it to try to make more money. Find new sources of income, however insignificant, and increase existing ones.

Small streams make big rivers
My priority had changed: it was no longer necessary to try to spend less, but rather to earn more.

Some people may find this ridiculous, but do not neglect small sources of income, especially regular and passive, such as:

The sponsorship ( € 3 offered by referring a friend on Ebuyclub, € 80 offered with Hello bank! … it can quickly climb!)
Performance bonuses at work (even a few euros is always taken …)
The interests of my booklet
Even if they earn very little, it is important to look for other sources of income than just your salary ( income supplements ), and use them to invest.

This is, in my opinion, the key to enriching you and not ending up with just enough to live. The system is well done, it’s sad, but I will not expand because it is a subject for another blog!

The top: recurring passive income
The best way to enrich yourself is to target recurring passive income.

It’s a lot of work and patience to put them in place, but once started, you earn money for life, (almost) doing nothing.

At least try to think about how you could improve your financial situation by investing, for example. Even if you do not do anything now, find out and consider some possibilities.